What the Gnostics Think About Creation

Gather around. Listen for awhile. Let me tell you one version of how we arrived.

In the beginning, before time, there was no thing but undefined energy—without form—only chaos. Energy was intelligent. It had feelings. It was lonely. Thus, Energy decided to allow some part of it to come together into pattern and form. Energy thought of a plan and creation began.

Energy withdrew a bit, creating a space for structure to take place. The purpose of the first pattern was to get all energy into an arrangement that would allow for the creation plan to proceed. An area was filled with no thing but the same Energy, yet, it was restricted in its specific place and time. To achieve this part of the scheme it was necessary for the positive electrons to come together more tightly, thus causing the strength of force needed to penetrate, perhaps with a bang, into the place where the unformed Energy had withdrawn. That energy pattern being held within a rigid space did not stop it from being intelligent, or lonely. Nothing changed at all, but the concept of Universe, a new perspective, took shape.

A second structured pattern emerged out of the first, that very same energy that had recently erupted from the formless mass. This time the negative electrons moved more closely together in a compact potency, moving out from the first pattern, yet, again remaining inside the space where chaos had originally withdrawn. Thus was created what felt like separation from the original undefined mass, as well as that first structured energy pattern. This was not so. Shock appeared for the first time. The sense of that perceived separation had brought with it many ills to be resolved.

Now the pattern of energy that had more densely packed its negative electrons felt isolated from its counterpart of positively compacted electrons. These two energy patterns spent their time seeking re-union. Thus each withdrew to create a place for some part of each of them to join and make their own duplicate and sequential pattern of the original formless mass of energies' design. When accomplished it caused the Soul to be born.

The Soul was intelligent. It had feelings. It felt separate. It was lonely. It called its creator, the negatively and positively crowded electrons, God. Being of the same substance, it understood it also was to create just like—God. Thus Soul accepted God's plan and went about its business of creating by withdrawing a bit from its already formed space to let the replication of the first pattern to take place—becoming Man. When the second pattern erupted right on schedule it was known as Woman. Neither was different. Neither was separate. Only the energy composition was more or less arranged and compressed into variant spaces.

Both Man and Woman are composed of Energy. Each is intelligent, has feelings, is lonely, and perceives separation. Thus when we arrived, we started a length of time for many self created illusions to be formed and experienced. Each illusion occurring for us to eventually unravel the strands and knots of energy to learn and understand. Sometimes remembering and sometimes not, that undefined energy—without form—being of chaos currently fills and surrounds all of us.

Whenever you feel intelligent, separate, lonely, you might recall this version of how it all began and know we are the continuing progression of the patterns in the creation plan which will ultimately become, through evolution, what was originally thought of when it all began.