2020 Energies

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2020 Energies

Everything in the Universe we know, including people’s thoughts, is made up of shimmering waves of energy that create cycles within cycles. An Epicycle is a period of nine years. Each year contains elements that bring opportunities for growth. The current Epicycle began in 2017.

The millennium 2000, often called The Awakening or Judgment, proclaimed a paradigm shift, shaping new perceptions. Difficulties are scrutinized to extract wisdom from those events and situations to form another—better—way to live.

2020, the fourth year in this Epicycle, includes the energy of Awakening and the vibrations of Judgment. Twenty, heralds an end to a prior mind-set. Its cooperative energy is strengthened so accomplishments can be achieved more easily than by forcing controls onto others. Balance is the goal of this millennium. The energy of the Four comes from a twenty and a twenty, which equals forty, a magnified FOUR. We have clearer sight on how to influence and establish the structure for goals to be realized. This year is the time to get what we wanted and started in 2017.

20 = Awakening

20 = Judgment


Four is symbolized as an Emperor, but the number Four also represents the Soul of the matter. Control and dominance establish limitations that stimulate penetrating thoughts and emotions receptive to developing the power to embrace or reject ideas before actions are taken.

January vibrates with excitement. Avoid deceptions by examining all options to ensure they are completely explained and understood. Take care footings are built on firm rather than swampy ground.

February pulsates to the rhythm of domestic needs. Talents and organizational efforts must be expressed to remain in tune with others’ needs and concerns.

March stimulates a review of what needs to be accomplished by the end of this year. Analyze the options that do propose a stable, long lasting, way of living.

April throbs with the desire for material interests to be recognized. What is longed for can be obtained through extra, systematic efforts.

May accords the power to remove people, places and things that limit opportunities. Expanded humane consciousness initiates giving without seeking rewards to find they are bestowed exponentially.

June generates the ability to gain more independence. It is increased by letting go of fears, bad habits, restricting beliefs, old-fashioned ideas, and things that have outgrown their usefulness.

July moves us towards progress through acts of cooperation. Inner tensions and recognized restrictions must be released through physical actions to prevent adversity.

August fosters a release from real or perceived pressures. There is a pause in the tensions expressed and experienced this year for rest and recreation to refresh and energize.

September imposes restrictions that are intended to stimulate thoughtfulness. Emotions are heightened in response to the need to make appropriate changes to establish balance for future growth.

October urges focus. The energy experienced this month is less restrictive. New people and their ideas are coming into view. Distractions must not be allowed to cover up current needs and responsibilities.

November compels a watchful eye be kept on domestic harmony since needs are greater than usual. Wholesome activities help relieve day-to-day stress.

December motivates an examination of what was accomplished throughout the year. A taste of the freedoms coming next year must not prevent making future plans.

The energy in 2019 offered the clarity to evaluate and judge whether true morality and ethics were expressed in ideas, beliefs, and the actions taken by people. Often everyone spun around or got hung up worrying about what others would do to affect our lives. Again in 2020, the vibrations of judgment cause critical assessments of previously hidden information to decide what is actually right and just. The strongest focus throughout 2020 is on humanity establishing a stable foundation where individual rights remain and social justice is secured.