Another Turn on the Wheel

THE TWINS ARE BORN.  Zoë and Madison’s story continues On Another Turn on the Wheel when they are four years old—physically.

But they remembered their past-lives.  And the time they spent In The Between—in the Bardo—passing from their last life into their current one.  The twins also know of the perils to be faced from the bitter soul, Abraham Sharp, encountered by their mother Jazzie, while she nurtured her babies in her womb.  As a result, they do not THINK, ACT, OR SPEAK like children.

Abe Sharp is still stalking Zoë.  He’s obsessed, seeking the scrolls and the Urim and Thummim, those ancient ivory dice-like cubes used to obtain divine answers. Abe is not interested in forming balance between heaven and earth.  He spent countless lifetimes with another soul he wants to entrap.

Will Zoë’s need to find the scrolls and the Urim and Thummim bring about the need to balance even more karmic debts?

May Sinclair does not include her PhD on her works and website because she is an education snob.  She does it because there is another author of the same name who died in 1946.  Without the PhD, the Internet will take people to the one who died. During those moments of reverie—or maybe it is bellybutton gazing—the living May Sinclair wonders if she is the reincarnation of the other.

May Sinclair’s doctorate is in the philosophy of Metaphysics. She is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed author of several non-fiction and fiction books, based on symbolism and ancient history. Currently she is still delving into the topic of reincarnation. Her next book is “The Next Chapter” that continues with the lives of Zoë and Madison. She lives in Southern California with her husband.