Psychology of Numbers


You may discover a series of minor complaints affecting you throughout this year. Your eyes' focus can become distorted. Then, some irregular heartbeats and high blood pressure are possible. These can be accompanied by or followed by lung and stomach conditions. You must remember you are highly sensitive during this Special Year. It is imperative that you maintain a positive outlook. Make sure you spend your time around other people who are positive in their approach to living. At all times surround yourself in an atmosphere that promotes peace and joy...


Often, it is seen that the Eleven Year brings with it some form of notoriety. Your star status is also possible by being involved in some group endeavor or from behind the scenes encouraging another to do well. You do feel humble and you do understand other people’s emotions. You have a vision and you are moving towards it. Your intention is to turn it into reality. And you may lead others who choose to share your dream with you.

You have the power to make people understand what you want out of life. You can also explain about your philosophy regarding work and business. You need to be as cooperative as possible. Yet, you are very persuasive this year...


The vibrations for travel throughout this year relate to both land and water. So, you will probably find some trips, holidays, or vacations scheduled. You are urged to use your leisure time to continue your spiritual progression. You will find some of the answers you are seeking while you are actually traveling rather than when you finally reach your destination.



This energy is known as both Justice and Illumination. Under the vibrations of this energy you will have many opportunities to develop specific qualities, primarily that of equilibrium. You gain understanding by taking actions, gaining experience, and extracting wisdom from those experiences that reflect truth and justice for you and others in your life.

The energy of the Eleven helps you remove things from your life that are no longer needed or are inappropriate so your new experiences can be set in place. That is the way of progress. Events create situations that force you to examine your past ideals and concepts so you can take them apart, re-think them out, and restructure them. You are no longer able to comfortably remain in your past thinking or at your current level of awareness. Perhaps you are only willing to do now what you do because of fear about current events. No matter. Only resistance to this force creates situations where unease or disease continues. The Eleven provides the foundation from which you may safely be receptive to your changing concepts and ideals. Because of your receptiveness you are able to use this energy in creative ways. Any resistance in accepting these new thoughts leads to self-destructive actions and events. Continuing to ignore your inner urges will cause you to experience some form of apparent conquest, only to discover the success is not really victorious but opens the way for continuing disaster. Resistance causes you to experience events that occur ever more forcefully, placing you into situations that demand, and if needed, eventually force a change in your attitudes.

The energy of the Eleven contains beauty and harmony. It also contains an element of sacrifice. Not in martyrdom, but as a creator. You give up, or actually exchange something: money, time, personal pleasure, a prior belief, some thing, to create something else. This something else is long lasting and reflects a form of personal accomplishment. Divinity becomes manifest within this sphere. You show others that you are made up of the divine spirit as well as physical matter. You sacrifice energy originating from a personal aspect into another form that is less personal and of a greater impact. You release electrons, allowing them to emerge into our physical and earthly plane through your own conscious state. You express the divine that resides within you. Thereby, you draw the vitality necessary to express original creation. Within this sphere you become prepared to leave the exoteric (which means that of the public and uninitiated understanding of creation) to grasp and experience the truly divine mysteries of creation.

The Eleven is made up of two digits. There are two single Ones. Since the number One alone is an aggressive and independent number, you probably have two individual ideas or goals that you want to achieve. You want to maintain your independence. Yet, you want to join forces with another or others in cooperation and partnership. Each of these separate and individual One numbers motivates and causes you to attain your desires. What you find in your heart, you aspire to have. Ambition starts. Your creativity is expressed. You are able to achieve your desires, but only by allowing each of your ideas or goals to stand on its own right and in its own position. Think of these two ideas or goals as columns that hold up your sanctuary. They are strong when placed along side but not close to each other. Your strength comes from your convictions. They must be tempered with tolerance to achieve the proper balance.

The Eleven has tension built in it to prevent too much mildness, being too easy going and cooperative, and thus allowing inappropriate events, actions, people, or beliefs to continue when growth would occur from their removal. The energies are tensed to cause balance, justice, and wisdom.

The number Eleven declares the time is right for you to experience profound changes in your conscious thinking. Some energy must be broken down in order for the necessary changes to occur. What energy will you sacrifice to use it in a more productive form? Will you sacrifice time, sleep, resources to create real harmony? Or will you sustain some belief system to maintain the status-quo? Perhaps you need to release some old belief(s) to allow for something new to come into your life. You are to remove those blindfolds from your eyes. You are to see what does occur with each of your actions, re-actions, and lacks of action. You are not to hide from the truth or from the pain. Harmony is not reflected in ignorance, bigotry, or intolerance. You cannot take too much. Nor can you give too much...

An Epicycle is a period of nine years. The first year contains elements of new beginnings. Each subsequent year brings a different energy that promotes continuing growth. At the end of the Epicycle, the final energy felt contains elements of endings that will either help or force the removal of anything that is no longer needed to continue personal growth.

This year, 2018, is an 11 Year. To determine which of the nine years you are in the Epicycle add your month and day of birth to the year. Here is an example:

Month 12 1 + 2 = 3

Day 15 1 + 5 = 6

Current Year 2018 2+ 0 + 1 + 8 = 11

2045 11

2 + 4 + 5 = 11 1 + 1 = 2

1 + 1 = 2

Here is an excerpt from Psychology of Numbers

Copyright 2010 by May Sinclair



Those who can reduce their birthday date by adding the month and day of their birth with the current year that is then reduced to an Eleven are experiencing special energy within the Second Year of their Epicycle. In Numerology this year is known for achieving personal illumination. This year is actually an Eleven Year, rather than a Two Year. You are experiencing a higher vibrational level than you would feel in a Two Year. If your birthday falls on the eleventh of any month, or if you have the signs of Leo or Aquarius significantly placed in your astrological chart, you will feel the strength of this year’s vibrations even more.

Throughout this year you will feel a strong urge to be receptive to and accept the vibrations surrounding you. By doing so, you will achieve a greater measure of inner growth. During this entire year, you will experience a higher level of sensitivity that allows you to communicate your new knowledge to others. These vibrations may be felt so intensely that you might not be able to function normally at times. The extreme nervous tension may even cause you to revert to the safer environment of the lesser energy felt in a normal Two Year, which expresses harmony through cooperation and partnerships. No matter how you ultimately decide to deal with the feelings, energy, and vibrations of this year, you will pay more attention to your intuition. Your hunches will be extremely pronounced.

You won’t want to keep any of the new and exciting knowledge and corresponding feelings to yourself. So, go ahead share it with all of your friends. This is also the perfect year for you to start writing. Keeping a private

journal or diary is an excellent idea. Insight will hit you quickly. To prevent all of your poignant and wise thoughts from disappearing and being lost, write them down for future reference. can apply your newfound wisdom to your daily life. This year provides you with a better understanding of just what it is to be human. You are now able to be more compassionate and forgiving of your own personal weaknesses. Therefore, you can be more understanding of others. You can accept another’s actions without also needing to approve of them.

During half of the months of this year you will feel the vibrations of either karmic or special energy. The karmic months will allow for some necessary balancing to occur in your life. The energy of the special months will help you achieve something necessary to your life’s purpose. Always remember this is a very special year for you. It is a gift that comes to offer a wonderful opportunity for you to discover, or perhaps re-discover, knowledge that will move you forward towards enlightenment.

You will be required to cooperate with others this year, yet you are constantly urged to pay close attention to your intuition. It will guide you. It will help you know when cooperation is no longer necessary within relationships are that not right for you.


JANUARY - The vibrations are very strong this month in urging you towards gaining more self-awareness. Your friends assist you by engaging in conversations and creating events that guide you. Your nervous stress can be intense, so you might choose to block any quick progress.

FEBRUARY - Your newly discovered awareness may cause you to feel restricted and self-critical during this, the first of many karmic months, you will experience this year. You are in the process of balancing out your life. All of your senses are more acute than usual and you may be confused or disturbed by your discoveries.

MARCH - This is another karmic month. Although it does contain the elements of freedom, since change is now occurring, you may have some strong feelings of restlessness and an annoying inner agitation that can cause you to intentionally slow down progress, or to even block the development towards your personal inner growth.



This year, all of your relationships will be affected by your spiritual feelings. Even your sexual experiences will be a celebration of life’s joyousness. You will be drawn to those who are more open to spiritual or metaphysical beliefs. Since this year also has the undercurrent of the Two Year vibrations, which concerns cooperation and partnerships, you may feel a strong urge to seek out romance.

Whether you are involved in an established relationship or find yourself within some new romantic alliance, you will still spend many hours discussing your philosophy about the purpose of life and, how your philosophy involves each of you and both of you together...