First, let us review the term mediation. Meditation is used as a buzz word. Often it is used by a person who does not know what it means or entails. It just sounds good. It may sound impressive to some people. Meditation is for those who know there is something more to be gained in their life. They know there is some thing they desire yet seem unable to get it. People are attracted to meditation because it is apparent to them that some of those who practice meditation are more at peace with themselves and the world in general.

“When the student is ready the teacher will arrive.” is an ancient axiom. There is no exterior teacher in meditation. You are your own teacher. You already contain your own personal Inner-Guide. So when you are ready you are guided immediately. Meditation is the gateway to your Inner-Self. The gate is not latched and is easily opened. You only need desire, belief, and willingness. Once meditation opens the way you move forward onto your own personal pathway. Because everyone is unique they also have their own path. Many of our paths are parallel to each other and they certainly do meet and converge onto other paths. Your path is the one that eventually leads you to enlightenment.

None of what I just said is meant to imply people cannot gain a great deal from group or guided meditation. Group meditation is so profound that is it being implemented at very early ages in some highly sophisticated private schools. The teachers have accounted less need for discipline, reported a heightened self and group awareness, and noted an overall improvement in each student’s ability to learn.

Are you currently meditating and calling it something else? Perhaps you are at the stage of pre-meditation or semi-meditation, which is introspective thinking. What do you do that is just for you? Is there something you do that is not involved in earning money or in making someone else comfortable or happy? It is something that gives you quiet time—alone. Do you polish your nails, indulge yourself with a long leisurely bath or shower, garden, or just sit in quiet solitude? I even know people who iron or spend quite time organizing things (cupboards, the garage). You can recognize whatever it is you currently do to quietly think by your reaction to another who disturbs the time. You might become angry at its interruption and feel an annoyance that is way out of proportion to the apparent loss of the time and the activity.

Enlightenment means a change in your consciousness, which is many layered. Although few known mystics were reborn from the ironing board you could be the first. By the time you discover or realize the deeply satisfying changes in your life that are achieved from meditation, you will demand more time than you previously devoted to pre-meditation or semi-meditation. You will no longer need to become angry when someone or something interrupts you. You will have set the time aside and made it clear, in a firm yet kind way, the time is for you. You will discover, with time, practice, and patience, that you are no longer being disturbed.