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Just How Do Affirmations Work? Why Make Affirmations?

Infamous Eve, A History Know Your History!

Colors, Symbols, Archetypes Colors Symbols Archetypes

Sandman Healer I DON'T DREAM...

The Sandman's Treasury The Sandman's Treasury

Psychology of Numbers Psychology of Numbers

My Soul Remembers Poetry

My Soul Forgot Prose & Poetry

My Soul Evolved Short Stories

The Bardo trilogy:

In The Between

Reincarnation...A Novel

In the Between...Reincarnation

The Beginning Begins

Reincarnation...A Novel, Book Two

Book Two

Another Turn on the Wheel

Reincarnation...A Novel, Book Three

Book Three

Karmic Tribunal

Cherokee Tale Cherokee Tale

Flash Fiction


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Infamous Eve, Just How DO Affirmations Work ?, Colors, Symbols, Archetypes, Sandman Healer, Psychology of Numbers, My Soul Remembers, and My Soul Forgot, The Sandman's Treasury (both versions), In the Between (first in the trilogy), and The Beginning Begins (second book in the trilogy), Karmic Tribunal, Cherokee Tale are all now available in the US, UK, Europe, and India.

Yes, it's that time of year again. Not only are the energies surrounding us changing, the latest nine year Epicycle concluded in 2016. We are entering the seventh year in the current Epicycle:

The political times we are living in can be frustrating, so a little metaphysical humor might help.

Karmic Tribunal, A Metaphysical & Political Satire

is my offering.

Click to read the first chapter: Karmic Tribunal - A Metaphysical & Political Satire