2022 Energies

The Energies in 2022

Everything in the Universe—including people and their thoughts—is made up of shimmering waves of energy that creates cycles within cycles. An Epicycle is a period of nine years.

The millennium 2000, called The Awakening or Judgment proclaimed the end of some former thinking. Past hardships are used to extract wisdom from those experiences to form another—better—way to live. This Epicycle began in 2017. Called The Wheel of Becoming, it indicated a decisive point. In 2018 the energy included Illumination and Justice. People felt a strong urge to be more discerning and communicative. 2019 took us forward into an energy that caused many lives to be turned upside down. 2020 brought far more awareness than ever before. In 2021 events forced people to make adjustments in their lives that demanded changes.

2022 is the sixth year in this Epicycle. It is all about being aroused into reality for a transformation. We are reaping what was already sown. Feelings of Being Stuck cause questions about why and demand real answers for forward movement.

20 = Awakening/Judgment

22 = Master Builder – Grand plans and projects that

make the world better come off the drawing

boards and are placed into reality.

42/6 = Responsible Love

Six is symbolized by lovers and represents choice, attraction, and harmony for the balancing of both giving and receiving in all aspects of living. The Six energy contains both penetrating and receptive forces that join together to realize the vast potential contained within the realities of life. Whether seduced into making—or merely accepting—prior dubious choices, the results are here now and will not change by merely hoping or wishing they would.

The months

January vibrates to encourage introspection for an examination of past experiences in relation to home and family to discover wisdom for future actions.

February’s strong flow of energy circulates around events that motivate taking pause to ponder family matters.

March aims at and directs strong emotions. Events occur that bring a remarkable conclusion to some kindred alliance.

April denotes a new bubbling force. Different conditions bring more balance and stability for a positive effect on domestic circumstances.

May pulses with increased mindfulness that supports greater concord and more peaceful agreements while waiting for whatever will happen next.

June urges creative efforts be made to enhance surroundings in a communal sharing of life’s pleasures.

July’s balancing energy urges focus on current circumstances to discipline emotions affected and sustained by repressive efforts to control what is possible.

August throbs with the power of choice to vanquish the fears over domestic concerns that prevents growth and causes restlessness.

September vibrates with nostalgic thoughts and ideas so responsibilities and limitations can be accepted without resentment to bring out love and kindness.

October’s energy is a preamble to the vibrations that will come in the next year of this Epicycle. Current awareness about family obligations and personal needs helps bolster equality to achieve domestic harmony.

November’s frequency pulsates. Its intention is to uncover conflicts between expressing personal accountability and general obligations that are out of balance.

December hums in earnest with the strength of the coming year’s energy. The vibrations relate to a strong desire to be at peace, are about the direction headed, and where the path leads. Events occurred or are about to happen that intend to dissolve rigidity formed by the stress of prior conflicts.

The vibrations of 2022 resonate around obligations and debts that must be paid off. Challenges found within the environs of family and domestic issues also include the Family of Humanity.

This energy is not for making physical or emotional displays that cause discord. If they occur it will cause loss of what is most prized: love, friendships, health, and money.

Give and receive love in equal measure. By living life as well as possible and letting the hypocrites be exposed and deposed, inspiration abounds.

COPYRIGHT 2021 by May Sinclair

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