The Gift

The gift of satisfaction cannot be received

at your (the Gift Givers) expense.

That is not a gift…..

Only a barter and exchange of energy,

without suitable recompense.

Let us not re-create

the Gift of the Maji

where no one wins, yet does lose

Their sense of joy,

learning only the saddest lesson

of misdirected selflessness.

Give to me what you can.

When you can with safety

and common sense.

Let the gift be a Gift…

Not another opportunity

for us,

Those karmic weights

to adjust.

Mason Clare

My Soul Remembers

Poetry intends to stimulate a specific emotional response and is often better understood when spoken aloud to gain its meaning from the sounds that are rhythmic. Whereas, prose can be read silently or out-loud because it is written in the ordinary language we all use everyday. Still, the symbolism is found in both the poems and prose.

Most of the poems and some of the prose in My Soul Remembers were originally published under May Sinclair’s nom de plume, Mason Clare.