Love is Power

The most important thing I teach my students is to discover what each of them believes: to uncover those connecting links of their thoughts to finally understand how they consciously or unconsciously use their beliefs to ultimately create their lives. Beliefs do not generate a cause and then an effect. Cause and effect are connected in such a manner they occur simultaneously. They are an eruption of the same energy. Our beliefs make the energy unfold.

Humanity has given the words in our various languages many connotations. Love is a very curious word. It conjures up thoughts of warmth and security, yet it can also bring about a sense of vulnerability. The reason being, each of us has been taught there are different types of love rather than what love is: love. We are told there is mother love, sexual love, friendship love, universal love, married/committed love, God's love, self-love, true love, spiritual love. Love is none of these types. People attach a great deal of other beliefs onto love, creating something other than what love is. Each type of those created and manufactured loves was taught for a specific self-interested reason, purpose, and cause. Love is not found on the extreme end of some energy pole with fear placed on the other. Love is. Love is the energy-field we are always within. We sometimes decide to not recognize it. A rain filled sky does not mean the air is gone, so when we look at the dark clouds and only see dreariness, it just indicates the current focus of our attention.

Western society likes to believe that fear is a great teaching aide. Fear is used as a control device to maintain some form of power base. To sustain the status quo people are "scared straight". It is not unusual to hear the statements: real men are not nurturing, assertive women are bitchy, men are bullies, women are too sensitive, men are too harsh, and strong women are boring. Those thoughts are a big part of the problem with the word love because is it is generally linked to the belief that it belongs to a feminine feeling. People who love are considered to be sensitive and nurturing. But the connections to that thought can make is easy enough to believe those who love do not have power. When love is recognized to be what it truly is, it is automatically seen to be greater than fear. Whereas fear is constricting, love is compassionate, tolerant, and unconditional because it is unlimited, embracing us completely.

May Sinclair, PhD

Do you believe in love as Power? Does that frighten you?

Ask yourself why. Or ask yourself why not.