The vibrations of 2024 are from the power that emanates from the Universe. The emphatic spiritual message of always being courageous echoes over and over and over.

During this EIGHTH year in the current Epicycle, we will gather in the harvest from the seeds planted and cultivated over the past seven years. Our powerful creations are the results of the actions and accomplishments that are fully recognized this year.

This year’s energy is forceful. Its strength is based on the lust for life. By bringing the past seven-year’s efforts forward they form a positive wisdom extracted from those past experiences. It offers the force and potency to make better choices, even when others are discouraging.

To prevent an abuse of power, we must demand harmony.

The Energies in 2024


Everything in the Universe—including people and their thoughts—is made up of shimmering waves of energy that creates cycles within cycles.  An Epicycle is a period of nine years.

The millennium 2000, called The Awakening or Judgment, proclaimed the end of some former thinking. Past hardships are used to extract wisdom from those experiences to form another—better—way to live. This Epicycle began in 2017. That year, called The Wheel of Becoming, indicated a decisive point.  In 2018 the energy included Illumination and Justice, so people felt a strong urge to be more discerning and communicative.  2019 took us forward into an energy that caused many lives to be turned upside down. 2020 brought far more awareness than ever before.  In 2021 events forced people to make adjustments in their lives that required changes.  2022 aroused people into a reality that demanded less hypocrisy and more truth for forward movement. 2023 was about achieving balance by taking actions, gaining experience, and extracting wisdom that establishes stability and peace.

2024 is the eighth year in this Epicycle. Primarily it requires harmony to prevent the abuse of power.

20     =   Awakening/Judgment

24 +



EIGHT is symbolized by a woman opening, or perhaps closing, a lion’s jaws. The symbol of eternal life, the lemniscate, is above her head indicating she is in control by using the cosmic powers above her. Awareness gained during the past seven years prevents the fear of both resistance and the obstacles ahead. The balanced union of spiritual and worldly needs shapes a strength that compels recognition and acceptance of the superiority of its potency by those that have been unreasonable in their use of excessive measures to control others.

The months


January’s energy helps us end being with people and activities that blocked talents from being seen in our public and personal lives.

February palpitates our energy into taking actions to achieve independence from whatever we previously felt we needed to have.

March vibrates to the increased knowledge and understanding about our relationships. Overthinking could prevent real progress.

April’s energy discourages us from escaping into a fantasy rather than experiencing the opportunities offered and available that lets us forge ahead.

May resonates to focusing on the future since we must balance out our feelings and what we can see is our reality to know what having power really means.

June urges responsible actions take place to widen horizons. Fears, caused by concerns that taking risks to stop the irresponsible actions, are irrational.

July throbs with the energy to deal with domestic matters and concerns. Thoughtful actions can improve harmony on the home front.

August’s vibrations are a major power surge. Common courtesy must overcome dominance and inflexible attitudes that confuse communication and disrupt relationships.

September hums with the most powerful energy of this year. It helps to establish a dramatic forward movement in expressing all of our desired recognition.

October’s energy is to be used to complete experiences that no longer hold value for the future. It’s time to decide whether our freedoms will out weigh money and prestige.

November’s frequency buzzes with excitement about having a future that releases us from a physical reality that chained us to the past.

December whirrs with a heightened sensitivity to what we must leave in our past so a new approach to living can take place in our future.