The Next Chapter


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In the Tibetan Book of the Dead there is an explanation of what happens to a soul traversing from one incarnation to the next.  The soul goes into what is called the Bardo, loosely translated as “The In Between” where the soul travels for seven weeks—forty-nine days—while Buddhist monks chant in an effort to guide the soul on its journey.  The purpose of those chants is an attempt to encourage the soul to accept one of the several Heavens offered to it at various stages along the way.  If that does not happen, or cannot happen due to the need to balance out the positive and negative forces of karma left over from the consequences of actions or inactions in prior lives, the soul at the end of the Bardo is given the choice to accept any one of several couples for parents in its next lifetime.  The soul sees all of those potential parents making love and the sexual magnetic energy is overwhelmingly strong. Still, the soul is encouraged, per the book and chanting monks, to be cautious not to go into what is called a bad womb.
In the Between, a soul agreed to re-live several of her past-lives to discover why she made choices causing karma that must be balanced in the future. She thinks she would like to find the scrolls and ivory dice-like cubes she used to tell the future in Mesopotamia and Jerusalem. She reincarnates in The Beginning Begins. Sharing a womb with another soul she knew in many prior lives, the two are now named Zoë and Madison. Without a doubt soul growth occurred and was noted by Zoë’s lack of resentment towards Madison. Her twin brother was not blamed for causing her to die from an overdose of opium when they lived as sisters in Egypt, or when he caused her to be burned at the stake during the Spanish Inquisition.
Their dad, Zak, an archeologist, started seeking the scrolls and the dice called, Urim and Thummim, long before the twins were born.
Another soul, named Abraham Sharp, who the twins knew in some of their past-lives, is living in this one, too. In his current lifetime, Abe Sharp’s bitterness that’s festered for thousands of years, caused the twins, along with their mother, Jazzie, an empath, to deal with perils from that embittered soul.
In Another Turn on the Wheel. The twins, Zoë and Madison, start out as four years old—physically. But remembering so much from their pasts, they do not think, act, or speak like children.
Their entire family comes across ancient prophecies written on papyrus, made known to them by a ghost. Madison remains keen on deciphering the language of the Indus in Pakistan.
Alas, the twins also discover Universal balancing is not always swift, because of the need for people—souls—to be in the right place at the right time. And several of the souls the twins knew—liked, loved, disliked or hated—from prior lives are encountered again.
The trilogy complete, the series begins with The Next Chapter when the twins are six years old—chronologically.
Will Zoë finally get to find the scrolls and the ivory dice-like cubes? And will that desire bring about the need to balance even more karmic debts?
The twins and their parents are obsessed to get hold of the scrolls and dice.
Now, as pages in The Next Chapter are turned, the pursuit of the ancient scrolls, Urim and Thummim, along with deciphering the unknown language of the Indus, persists. Past-life regressions and the metaphysical practice of Visioning reveal more clues. Some people previously thought trustworthy turn out to not be. Yet Wise-women, who may or may not have been witches in a past-life, enter the twin’s lives. Perhaps some karmic debts are balanced. Technology brings an unexpected event and a new trail to follow.