2016 Energies

Everything in the Universe—including people and their thoughts—is made up of shimmering waves of energy that create cycles within cycles. An Epicycle is a period of nine years. The first year contains elements of new beginnings and each of the following years brings a different type of force to promote further growth.

The millennium 2000, often called The Awakening or Judgment, proclaimed an end to former thinking. Past difficulties were used to extract wisdom from those experiences because there is another—better—way to live.

2008 was the first year in the current Epicycle and being on The Wheel of Becoming began the crucial change in conscious thinking.

2009 was of Illumination, when a strong urge to be more communicative was felt.

2010 took us forward into an dynamism that was rather complex and would normally be a number of Joy, but rather than making judgments to take action many only spun while contemplating what they believed life needs to be like.

2011 led to Transformation since conscious awareness was greater than ever before.

2012 brought events where people mixed, fused, and made adjustments in life that altered and Tempered the strength and ability for changes to occur.

2013 was about being awakened to the Bondage maintained in everyday reality so lives could be transformed. That sense of being stuck forced hard questions that led to seeking real answers for forward movement. Events led some to a great transformation, while any who resisted the vibrational pull, dealt with cross-purposes in the power dynamics.

2014 required examination of what it was that needed to be changed. Ideas that formed Towers of false beliefs, beguiling people into maintaining prior self-deceptive thoughts, were hit by lightening strikes of insight, forcing adjustments to bring into reality the plan conceived during the first year of this Epicycle.

2015 brought the awareness of what caused repression of spirit, so it was possible to fulfill the potential to be Stars, recognized for creativity, achievement, and powerful forward movements.

2016, the final year of our current Epicycle, is the year for spotting those false promises that attempt to keep people from seeing the obvious truths and taking common sense actions to change lives.

January promotes powerful changes that require independent thinking for better life conditions to begin. The month of February fosters being of assistance to others while reasoning out what needs to begin and must end for balance and harmony to occur. The force in March reflects a need to disengage from stressful pursuits to refresh and prepare for future revelations. Some balancing will occur in April. Trying to escape from reality or being stubborn will increase distress when taking the actions to release things no longer necessary or appropriate in our futures. The vibration in May demands faith in life and trust in the process to overcome confusion about the direction to take for necessary endings and corresponding beginnings. June provides the clarity to see fears for what they truly are for resolution of turmoil and uncertainty. July stimulates the review and a sorting through of what happened in the past. Maintaining a rigid perspective will delay a smooth transition into positive change. August advances the removal of blocks to financial, emotional, and physical improvements in our lives, but requires understanding and gentle compassion. Due to many ideas and experiences from the past being closed out for new concepts and events to begin, September is an emotionally stressful period. In October the vibrations of next year and our new Epicycle begin to be felt. There are activities, beliefs, and relationships that must end because they are no longer appropriate to our future goals and would only prevent the next nine years from being better. The force felt in November boosts adjustments to the changes acted upon to safely accept what now is. December resonates in joyousness about the consequences of the decisions made and those changes accomplished that form a positive new future.

The energies of 2016 intend for enlightened attitudes to pierce through those false beliefs forming narrow-minded ideas that supported undercurrents of fear- based emotionalism. Acts of giving without seeking personal rewards will, in fact, allow the vibrations to actualize the promise of gaining previously unthought-of of physical wealth, emotional stability, and peace of mind.

COPYRIGHT 2015 by May Sinclair

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