2019 Energies

Everything in the Universe we know, including people’s thoughts, is made up of shimmering waves of energy that create cycles within cycles. An Epicycle is a period of nine years. Each year contains elements that bring opportunities for growth. The current Epicycle began in 2017.

The millennium 2000, often called The Awakening or Judgment, proclaimed a paradigm shift, forming new perceptions. Past difficulties are now examined to extract wisdom from those events and situations because there is another—better—way to live.

2019, the third year in this Epicycle, includes the vibrations of Judgment and the energy of the Sun. Twenty, heralds an end to a prior mind-set and its boosted cooperative energy allows for accomplishments to be achieved more easily than by forcing controls onto others. Balance is the goal of this millennium.

The energy of the Nineteen is formed using the independence of the One and the tolerance and compassion of the Nine to create visible demonstrations of marvelous living.

20 = Judgment

19 = Sun

2+0+1+9 = 12/3

Twelve is symbolized by a man hanging by his feet. Three is symbolized by the Empress of Abundance. We may remain turned upside down or make the effort to change attitudes to experience and express the joys of living.

January vibrates with the energy needed to work through and resolve any issues lingering from last year.

February moves us towards goals as long as we are prudent, rather than being rash in taking actions for expediency’s sake.

March pulsates with mindfulness and taking actions in regards to domestic responsibilities. Creativity and inspiration underlies the true sense of joyful living.

April demands quiet contemplation to consider all that has already occurred. Quieting of busy minds is essential to making peaceful and rational decisions.

May grants the enhancement and expanded opportunities in business, work, and careers. Doors previously closed will open.

June brings events that reflect a fresh approach to life. Some fear it, thinking they lost something valued, while others embrace it and go forward.

July stimulates enthusiasm. Social encounters take us towards new opportunities and let us reach our goals.

August imposes heightened sensitivity. It must be used to be more aware rather than as an excuse to shutdown physical, emotional, and mental processes.

September generates a great many physical journeys and Internet travel to make contact and communicate.

October urges that structures be revolutionized. Increased workloads and restrictions are relieved through competent and realistic organization.

November compels us to bring our lives into more of a balance. Patience, rather than impulsiveness, is important.

December buzzes with responsibilities—whether desired or not—that are included in our efforts to maintain domestic accountability. Acceptance of what others do, doesn’t mean approval of their actions, but acknowledgement without resentment does allow for experiencing the delights of life.

The energy in 2018 offered illumination, so people, places, ideas, and beliefs were evaluated and judged to determine whether true morality and ethics were expressed and actually seen in actions taken. Once again in 2019, the vibrations of the Sun, brings clarity to perceive and overcome prior unseen or hidden obstacles. The strongest focus during 2019 is on humanity accomplishing a renaissance through conscious and willing effort. To avoid staying suspended, trust in life must be a legitimate option.

COPYRIGHT Ó 2018 by May Sinclair

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