The vibrations of 2023 

motivates examination of everything, including introspective self-analysis, to gain a deeper understanding of what is real and what is influenced by prior indoctrinations.

People mirror all that surrounds them.  Life can be filled with people who are compassionate, tolerant, and loving.  All people draw to themselves what they are or what they decide to become. Hypocrites draw hypocrites.  Confusion draws confusion. Doubt draws doubt. Love draws love. Peace draws peace.

Freedom from those deep and hidden fears allows for control of those with fearful egos that prevent stability, balance, and peacefulness.

Life must be formed from beliefs that provide inner-peace. That is the stuff of true security.


COPYRIGHT  2022 by May  Sinclair

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The Energies in 2023


Everything in the Universe—including people and their thoughts—is made up of shimmering waves of energy that creates cycles within cycles.  An Epicycle is a period of nine years.

The millennium 2000, called The Awakening or Judgment, proclaimed the end of some former thinking. Past hardships are used to extract wisdom from those experiences to form another—better—way to live. This Epicycle began in 2017. That year, called The Wheel of Becoming, indicated a decisive point.  In 2018 the energy included Illumination and Justice, so people felt a strong urge to be more discerning and communicative.  2019 took us forward into an energy that caused many lives to be turned upside down. 2020 brought far more awareness than ever before.  In 2021 events forced people to make adjustments in their lives that required changes.  2022 aroused people into a reality that demanded less hypocrisy and more truth for forward movement.

2023 is the seventh year in this Epicycle.  It is primarily about achieving balance.  Triumph comes from taking actions, gaining experience, and extracting wisdom that establishes stability and peace.

20     =   Awakening/Judgment

23 +

43/7 = Introspection/Peace


Seven is symbolized by a Chariot and Charioteer, representing a mindful personality that must control fearful egos to remain on a spiritual path. Judgments made by superficial and fearful observations are faulty. Avoid destructive tendencies by seeing reality to gain control over anxiety.

Mind (Charioteer) decides the direction taken by Personality (Chariot) that must control Passions (Horses) to remain in balance.

The months


January’s energy resounds to introspection for a focus on domestic obligations to better understand the decisions made last year.

February pulsates to allow for a release of emotions that remain from the past. Compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness help form a sense of peace.

March vibrates to those changes that are reflected in the current level of perception, which mirrors a new awareness in thinking.

April’s energy encourages more cooperation and allows for greater concord and more peaceful agreements to form peace and harmony.

May resonates to the joys of living.  It is a time for having fun and expressing creativity.

June urges stability. It can be used to form balance. Rigidity, obstinacy, or dogmatic attitudes will only bring feelings of restriction.

July throbs with opportunities and the decisions to be made that must be based on past experiences to prevent those same experiences from recurring again.

August’s vibrations help establish the basis for the requirements that responsibility and accountability be acknowledged by and about everyone.

September hums with a desire for enlightenment. Increased awareness comes from overcoming fears about relationships.

October’s energy is in place to be used in a practical way. Awareness of the conflicts between business opportunities and personal needs clarifies what is truly desired. 

November’s frequency buzzes with a new approach to dealing with humanity. Something has been completed that clears the way for making preparations for what comes next.

December whirrs with the energy that allows for a new approach to combining both spiritual awareness and the need for physical security.