Pythagorean Numerology

Later I'll give some information about what are called karmic numbers.

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Energies in 2009

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who is known as the Father of Geometry is also known as the Father of modern Numerology. Using his science we can find out lots of information about ourselves. What is your number? Meaning what is the energy that you feel, express, and send out?

Your name or birth date is a good place to begin.

1 A J S One is a beginning. It is independent. It attains.

2 B K T Two responds to cooperation. It loves partnership.

Balance is important.

3 C L U Three is full of the joy of living. It is creative.

4 D M V Four demands structure, shape, form, and completion.

It can be limiting to ensure focus.

5 E N W Five is progressive. It requires adventure. Be cautioned

not to make changes without reason.

6 F O X Six is affectionate. It is refined. It demands respect.

7 G P Y Seven is both introspective and spiritual. It enjoys analysis

and requires peace.

8 H Q Z Eight desires everything on earth and in heaven.

9 I R Nine sees many endings, but will reap countless blessings

when giving without thoughts of gain.

Ten denotes fairness. It indicates the cycles and revolutions of personal experiences.

Eleven is electric and illuminating. It is often a set of individual ideas requiring balance.

Nineteen offers experiences over again to learn life lessons not quite understood.

Twenty-two is the master builder. It requires the schemes come off the drawing board to be actually built.

This is about those of you who are BORN ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH

You are as cool as a cucumber. Or is it a tomato? Or perhaps it’s a matter, whichever it is you certainly are not part of a pack or bunch. You are self-confident and there is no holding you back from your ambitions. You’ll do whatever is necessary to reach those goals established at an early age in your life.

At some point you'll probably own your own business or enterprise. You’ll never be content to be anyone’s second in command or partner. You won’t want to take the responsi­bility for someone else’s ideas because to your mind yours are much better. Even though you do have an ego to match the size of a mid-western corn field, you are very idealistic and demand a high level of excellence from everyone, including your­self. Another reason you don’t want to be part of a duo or the second in command in your business is you are very quick witted and do not wish to wait for another to agree to make things— especially your ideas—happen.

When allowed to make and take independent actions, you show an astounding motivation. Your personal will power can actually be too great at times. However, as long as you can get some other people to go along with your initial plan and as long as they don’t cramp your independent style, you can lead everyone on to success. However, you do need to remember just where your talents begin and end. No matter what you do in this life, you also need others in it. You are the master planner and can get your own ideas simmering. Yet, without other people to deal with the daily chores of living and working, you can find many of your great ideas not cooking at all. You can be or become a procrastinator of major proportions. You then no longer appear venture-some, only boorish.

You are very sensitive under that exterior you present to the world. And unfortunately you aren’t readily willing to show your true feelings. When hurt you have a tendency to punish your associates, friends, and loved one with silence. Remember you are a great communicator and with silence you are also making a major statement. The message is condemna­tion. So, open up. Express those feelings of yours. You and the entire world cannot but be better off for it. Mason Clare