There are cycles within cycles. This millennium of 2000 is often called The Awakening and Judgment. In 2008 we experienced what is termed The Wheel of Becoming, in 2009 we moved into the energy of Illumination, and in 2010 we move forward into an energy that is rather complex. In Numerology the numbers are reduced to the lowest denomination except for a few special numbers, therefore 2010 would be reduced to 3, which is a number of joy and completion, Yet, I believe we will refer to the year as twenty-ten and that will be very significant because it indicates both The Awakening and The Wheel of Becoming.

By using the experiences that occurred under the energy of 2009, that of Illumination, all of us can experience an Awakening making Judgments to continue increasing our understanding of what it means to be on The Wheel of Becoming. The energy of the twenty heralds the end of some former thinking and life-style because it is understood there is another—better—way to live that offers growth. All of those past hardships are used to extract wisdom. People do know what needs to be done to accomplish their desires. The energy of the ten indicates a conversion point in consciousness. All of those past lessons that were taught and finally learned raise consciousness to another level of comprehension.

2010 is a year that may allow us to see some results from the plans made back in 2008. It will require personal creativity to make improvements in everyone's living styles. Over the next year there will be a speeding up and cohesion of effort to bring those desires further along. Both imagination and raw inspiration must be used to direct all of life's affairs to see an improvement in business and personal relationships, finances, and everything else. This year's energy demands the use of creative practicality or there will be lots of emotional disturbance; wasted time, resources, and effort worrying about what others are doing or not doing. Cooperation is essential. Extravagance in any form is a problem. Gossip and mean spirited words only cause unnecessary delays. Friendly conversations and the use of common sense are important to ensure ideals are not a lost or dropped part of the discussion. Being overly ambitious will only exhaust the energy. Being fearful about failure will also weaken efforts. Attempts are not failures; they are experiences to teach what works and what doesn't work—eventually creating success. It is a year for people to divest themselves of things that are no longer useful.

In January the vibrations are in place to resolve some issue lingering from last year. There are many details that still need to be worked out in an innovative and creative way. February brings forth a movement towards those goals as long as prudent efforts continue rather than just rash acts of expediency. The month of March is filled with thoughts and actions that concern domestic responsibilities. It is by being creatively inspiring as well as feeling inspired by others that a true joy of living occurs. April will require some time be given over to think things through. Much has occurred. To prevent feeling overwhelmed it is essential that busy thoughts be quieted for peaceful decisions to be made. During the month of May those doors of opportunity that were previously closed will be opened. Business, work, and careers can be enhanced and expanded. In June events occur to reflect something new in our lives. Some people will see it as loss because of fearful thoughts about the future. Others will see it as an opportunity to expand their future. July is a month of social enthusiasm as the events move everyone towards those opportunities that do reach goals. During August the energy can seem to make people feel so sensitive that progress might be blocked. Or, that sensitivity can be used to become even more aware. September will see a great deal of communication going on. There will be a great deal of physical travel or that which takes place in cyberspace. In October the energy urges structures be reformed. Work loads become heavy, but any sense of restriction is lessened though competent and realistic organization. Throughout November the energy is in place to balance out life. Patience, rather than rash acts, is important. December includes domestic responsibilities: whether they are wanted or not. Acceptance of accountability without feeling resentment about it will loosen up the ability to simply enjoy what is.

2010 can be confusing. It is a year filled with the energy that desires joyousness in the world. And as long a people understand that does not mean they have no individual responsibilities to uphold it can be a fortunate year.


The award winning poet, Mason Clare, writes extensively about the ancient disciple of Numerology and is known throughout the United States and British Isles. All of her work is bases on extensive research and study of both ancient and modern philosophical teachings, where she has learned and continues to foster a merging of our physical, mental, and spiritual selves.

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