Why Make Affirmations?

People would love to have happier and more joyous lives.  That is exactly why millions of books on self-help, spirituality, and New Age topics are purchased and read every day, every week, every month—all year long.  That is also why books on tape are repeatedly listened to and videos on those subjects are watched over and over again.  Western society perpetually returns to the well of spirituality because of our deep desire to believe it is possible to have a purpose in our lives that also allows us let go of our sadness, anger, and confusion, to be joyous instead.  Still, self-help and spiritual healing can be a long process, so everything a person reads, hears, or watches must come down to the basic question: “How can this information be used by me, to help me?”  The tricky part is to relate all of what is being read, listened to, and watched directly to a vast audience with a myriad of problems.  So it is important to begin at the basic level: belief.                  
     An affirmation is not a wish, it is an action packed event based on desire, belief, and willingness.  Each part of those dynamics must be examined to discover why people do not get the instant results they expect from taking spiritual actions.  They often cannot get their desired results because they don’t know what it is they believe, especially when their beliefs are in conflict.  There might be blocks concerning relationships, financial freedom, and addiction release.  There are connections between underlying beliefs that create the reality of a person's life.  Our sub-conscious beliefs also play an important part in blocking our ability to see desired changes occur.  It is mandatory to identify specific beliefs that are often linked to one another hindering spiritual evolution. 
    Thanks to all the recent publicity generated from The Secret people are excited about how spirituality might work for them, too.  Yet it is important to remember that making demands on a person's time, forcing them into being disciplined, or hyping any specific techniques to use to obtain emotional, physical, economic, mental, and spiritual well-being will not work.  It is very important for each individual to determine what is attractive to her or him.


This book has been reissued as of December, 2009.  Slightly expanded version, different cover.


So, you’ve read “The Secret” but your life is pretty much the same.  Your thoughts on abundance didn’t change that crummy job, but the tedious work increased along with what you pay-out for gas to get there.  You thank your coffee every morning, the consequence being you drink more of it rather than need it less.  Humph!  And years after reading Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws”, you can't remember anything about the laws of intent, only that it's important to be sure you bring a flower to the host when attending a dinner party. Wait, that's pretty much what your Mom said all along.  Oh, and yes, Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” has confirmed that your sinus head-aches are caused by your irritation at all those crazy people close to you.  Great!  You have meditated, but mostly just fell asleep.  Right, it’s all just a load of hooey.  But maybe…well, could it be that you are still being punished for some misdemeanor done in the past?


Okay, are you finally ready to really understand how those spiritual laws work?  Then let’s take it to the next level to have your questions answered.  Go ahead read:


“Just How Do Affirmations Work?” 







This is what happened:






My affirmation made on_________is affected by my beliefs about independence because


My affirmation is affected by my beliefs about relationships because ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

My affirmation is affected by my beliefs about honor because


My affirmation is affected by my beliefs about loyalty because


My affirmation is affected by my fears because


My affirmation is affected by my beliefs because I have moralized about


My affirmation is affected by my beliefs because I have rationalized about


My affirmation is affected by my beliefs because I have made a judgment about


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