Energies in 2012

Everything in the Universe—the Universe that we know—including people and their thoughts, is made up of shimmering waves of energy that creates cycles within cycles.  An Epicycle is a period of nine years.  The first year contains elements of new beginnings and each of the following years brings a different energy that promotes further growth.  The final energy felt at the end of the Epicycle will either help or force the removal of anything no longer needed to continue that growth. 


The millennium, 2000 is often called The Awakening or Judgment because it heralds the end of some former thinking since it is understood there is another—better—way to live.  Past hardships are used to extract wisdom from those experiences.  The year 2008 was the first year in the current Epicycle and it is no surprise that we began to experience what is called The Wheel of Becoming, which indicates a conversion point in consciousness.  All of those past lessons that were taught and finally learned raised consciousness to another level of comprehension.  In 2009 we moved into the energy of Illumination where people felt a strong urge to be more communicative and receptive in accepting the sensitive vibrations surrounding them to achieve a greater measure of growth.  In 2010 we moved forward into an energy that was rather complex.  In Numerology the numbers are reduced to the lowest denomination except for a few special numbers, therefore 2010 would be reduced to 3, which is a number of joy and completion, yet it was often referred to as twenty-ten which was very significant because it indicates both The Awakening and The Wheel of Becoming.  By using the experiences that occurred under the energy of 2009, that of Illumination, we could experience an Awakening making Judgments to continue increasing our understanding of what it means to be on The Wheel of Becoming.  2011 allowed us to see some structure formed on the basis of plans made back in 2008.  Again, the numbers would normally have been reduced to a 4 creating stability from a new level of consciousness.  But, it was more complex still when the 11, not normally reduced, formed the energy of the number 13 which was to be transformative, but was misunderstood and often experienced as upheaval.  Still, 2011 when referred to as twenty-eleven includes the energy of both The Awakening and Illumination, taking us again into the area of transformation since our consciousness awoke and we became far more aware than ever before. 

In 2012 we experience year 14/5 of the current Epicycle where energies are mixed, fused, and adjusted to alter and strengthen the ability for changes to occur for progress to take place.

                In January the vibrations will not allow domestic responsibilities be put aside, yet it deals with a form of change and growth that offers a level of excitement.  February indicates new knowledge has been gained and must be channeled into a beneficial form.  Feelings of restless may cause discomfort, but deep thought and study can reveal the actions needed to be taken in following another path.    March’s energy is to be used in a pragmatic way.  By combining practicality with awareness a path is found and followed to make necessary changes for business to grow.  In April an important person, place, or idea brings a change.  Perhaps a relationship or belief will alter, collapse, or an experience will come to its final end, yet it is an opportunity for growth since this obstacle is no longer in the way to prevent pursuing another direction; a more progressive path.  May’s energy is fast paced and urges the formation of opportunities that improve life.  Its powerful current is encouraging and supportive but comes from places that are unusual and unexpected.  June offers a new direction based on a thoughtful sensitivity and awareness leading towards desired opportunities.  New ideas will cause development and growth.  July will be filled with travel and escapades that purposely try something different.  August’s energy demands balance and completion of required work.  Feelings of restriction that cause neglect to it will only create obstacles later in the year.  September is another period when the energy requires balance as there is an increase in activity, passion, and opportunity.  In October the vibrations of next year begin to be felt: balance, responsibility, and love which are usually experienced within the confines of family and domestic obligations.  Additional responsibilities now or in the near future must be accepted and got on with to avoid trouble.  November’s energy also helps balance out life, but can provoke difficulties in communication and cause delays in the continuation of growth.  Duties and obligations that are resented or not accepted reduce enthusiasm about opportunities that are available.  December requires that work and domestic issues be kept in balance.  Otherwise, a lack of harmony detracts from the ability to take advantage of opportunities that are available now.  New people, places, and things lead towards a major improvement in work and business.

The energy of 2012 is not about being temperate or moderate, rather it is a time to mix, combine, and blend things up in the correct measures to temper our motives and actions with love, kindness, and even simple courtesy to make this world better and more peaceful.

COPYRIGHT  Ó  2011 by May  Sinclair

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