Psychology of Numbers

An Epicycle is a period of nine years.  The first year contains elements of new beginnings.  Each subsequent year brings a different energy that promotes continuing growth.  At the end of the Epicycle, the final energy felt contains elements of endings that will either help or force the removal of anything that is no longer needed to continue personal growth.
    This year, 2010, is a 3 Year.   To determine which of the nine years you are in the Epicycle add your month and day of birth to the year.  Here is an example:            
                           Month      12                       1 + 2 =   3
                           Day           15                       1 + 5 =   6
            Current Year      2010         2+ 0 + 1 + 0 =    3
                                        2037                                    12
                         2 + 3 + 7 = 12                       1 + 2 =   3
                                1 + 3 =  3
Here is an excerpt from Psychology of Numbers

Copyright ã 2010 by May Sinclair





Welcome to your Number Three Year within your current Epicycle.  In Numerology, this year is known for its expression of the Joy of Living.  If your birthday falls on the third, twelfth, twenty-first, or thirtieth of any month, or if you have the signs of Pisces or Sagittarius significantly placed in your astrological chart, you will feel the strength of this year’s vibrations even more.

          This year you may see some results from the plans you made two years ago.  You will want to use your personal creativity to make an improvement in your personal self and life-style.  This year you will want to expand your horizons.

         Between this and next January there will be a speeding up and cohesion of energy to bring your desires further along.  You are urged to use this time to express your creative forces.  You have an opportunity to allow your imagination and raw inspiration to fill your entire being.  When you dream or meditate, capture your ideas, then use them while you direct your life’s affairs.  When you do, you will see an improvement in your business affairs, personal relationships, finances, and...well, just everything.  You will be generally happier.  Wanting your life to be as you visualized it two years ago without making use of your creative energy will find you disturbed—emotionally.  You will be mostly concerned about what others are doing or not doing.  That will waste this year’s energy.  You must make an effort to be creative when taking practical steps to make things happen.  Then you will see a real improvement in your life and your friendships will take on a new status in this, your happiest of years.  This year you will draw people to you who will help you.  You will also help them.  You will have a new understanding of the value of cooperation and life’s purpose.   You will make new friends.   There is also value in you connecting with all of your friends, both new and old.  Together, all of you help the world progress towards being a better place for everyone.  You will see much of the results of your efforts in the later part of this year and at the start of next year.  You need to discover and show who you are to yourself, first.  Then you can express your new found Self to those around you.

         You will draw money, love, travel, and joyfulness to you, this year.  But, you are not allowed to be extravagant in spending away your emotions, energy, or other assets.  Gossiping and mean spirited conversations will create unnecessary problems.  Friendly discussions and correspondence that are also educational will bring new opportunities.

          The early part of this year is a time for using your common sense.  You may review your creative ideas and your inspirations with others whom you trust.  Allow your trusted friends to help you with any practical aspects but do not let them dissuade you from your ideas!  In February you will start in some new direction.  By June you will see something come to a point of its expression.  July will take you in another direction.  In September some new opportunity will appear.  Your friends and associates will help you carry on with what you want to do.  You will enjoy December but there will also be some responsibility or care you will have during that month.

          You can make personal improvements this year.  You can change you wardrobe, hairstyle, or mode of transportation.  You can continue with your education or increase your knowledge in some other manner.  Perhaps you will go back to school.  However, you must prioritize what you want to see accomplished this year.  Select the first few items from your list to create you new image and life-style.  If you attempt to do too much by being overly ambitious in selecting items on your list, you will end up trying too hard.  You will exhaust yourself, accomplish little or nothing and become an emotional disaster.  Not only are you to prioritize and select from the list of changes you want in your life, you are to then stop looking at your real or figurative list until you have accomplished what you originally decided to do.  Do not allow any fears of failure to disturb this year.  Only allow common sense and your intuitiveness to guide you.  Attempts are not failures.  Attempts are experiences to teach you what works and what does not work—eventually, creating success.

          This is a year to sell things.   If it no longer fits into your life-style, give it to someone in need or sell it!   This is a lucky year for you.  You now have an opportunity to generate profits not available at other times.  The energy felt during this Three Year is often confusing.  Most people equate the joy of living with a lack of any responsibility that often causes situations where carelessness arises from ego-guided decisions.  You may not expect to be protected by luck when you take imprudent actions.




JANUARY - This month you will probably need to resolve some issue still lingering from last year.  Ask your friends to help you with your work.  Approach them with diplomacy.  You know what you want.  You have built a foundation for your life-style.  Work on the details in a creative manner to bring everything together.

FEBRUARY - As long as you are somewhat prudent in moving forward towards your goals, you may do so this month.  You feel more emotionally open than you did last year.  Allow your friends and travel to provide escapades that will also help you experience personal growth.

MARCH - You will find domestic responsibilities fill a great deal of your time and your thoughts this month.  To maintain harmony you will be forced to use your creative abilities.  Allow yourself to be inspired and inspiring to really express the joy of living this month.

APRIL - Talk to others and take all of the thoughts you gather back to your own space.  Spend time alone to think this month.  Use your quiet time to review what you can do with your creative talents.  Throughout this year and especially this month spend time in solitary thought.  Be artistic.

 MAY - Your friends, as well as your own charming attributes, will provide you with any boost needed to get you right through doors that were previously closed.  Your work, career, or business may be greatly enhanced or expanded when you use some creative approach.

JUNE - You have got something new in your life at this point.  Use this month to complete any necessary preparations to allow your new person, place, thing, experience, whatever, to fit comfortably into your current life and your expanding future.  Any thoughts about losing any relationship needs to be looked at very carefully.  Review whether there is merit to your concerns or if you are only expressing your fears about your future.

JULY - This month you will express lots of enthusiasm and joy that will help you march on towards your personal goals.  Look out for opportunities created by your friends.  You can also look for them wherever there is some type of social contact occurring.  Your creativity and imagination can be used to your best advantage throughout this entire month.

AUGUST - You can feel so sensitive this month that you raise road blocks to your continuing progress.  Or, you can use your heightened sensitivity to be more aware.  There is no need for you to be full of excessive nervousness or to be oozing with emotional intensity.  You can help your friends during this month by sharing your creative thoughts—even to the point of being inspirational to them.  Allow what it was you set into motion last month to mature.  Be patient.

SEPTEMBER - Use this month to get out and about.  Do some traveling or just visit with your friends and loved ones.  Whatever you do, it will be enjoyable.  This month’s vibrations will also give your work or career a boost by you using your creative, artistic, and communicative abilities.

OCTOBER - This month you start to feel the vibrations that will assist you throughout next year.  It is an energy that both helps and urges you to create structure in your life.  Although you may find your work load exceptionally heavy this month, your feelings of restriction can be lessened by organizing your thoughts.  You can then arrange all of the details discovered when thinking things out.  You make plans in connection with opportunities that are now available because of your latest creative urges.

NOVEMBER - This is a karmic, or energy balancing, month and you may feel the work you are currently responsible for is irrelevant or unnecessary.  You may feel emotionally polarized because of your inner restlessness.  These feelings can cause you to act rashly in making decisions and in taking actions.  Take a few deep breaths and attempt to be patient.  Patience will prevent some unnecessary delays and missed opportunities.

DECEMBER - Plan on having domestic responsibilities this month.  You may not want them;  however, by accepting them without resentment, you will  be able to express  your  own  brand  of  creativity  within  your  family environment.  You can show your enthusiasm and joyousness by simply having a good time, which may even be of benefit to those around you, too.




This year you will discover that love affairs are dramatic regardless of whether they are yours or your friends.  Personally, you may not care to be overly serious in love relationships.  You prefer to just be joyous and will project more freedom in your thoughts and actions.  Your attitude will reflect a romantic, rather than a serious manner.  Flowers, intimate dinners, walks on the beach, and playful conversations will fill your private moments.  And you will not be interested in dealing with careers and household duties or being involved in someone else’s practical plans.  If you do want to have a new lover in your life this year, the best time to put out your romantic net is in March, August, and December.  You will be drawn to those who have the signs of Pisces or Sagittarius significantly placed in their astrological charts or, with birthday dates that occur on the third, sixth, or ninth of any month, and those who's birth dates can be reduced to a three, six or nine.  Watch out for emotional disturbances caused by friends during the spring and winter months.  You must just accept your friend's emotionalisms.  You must also accept the empathetic feelings you have about your friend's dilemmas.  By remaining detached you can avoid petty annoyances.  Moodiness is a challenge—so, stay optimistic.  Allow positive affirmations to help you get out of any negative moods.




 You may overdo this year.  Your desire to be fun and to have fun can add a stress to an already full life.  Too much enjoyable excitement might cause you to get insufficient rest, eat the wrong foods, or generally take less care of your body than it requires.  Try to remember that your emotions are directly related to your body and being careless can cause emotional problems.  Watch out for skin eruptions, blood and foot problems.  Be extra careful not to overwork or indulge in too much play during January, March, June, and October.      




Opportunities for growth in connection with your work, business, or career are good this year.  You will need to take care of those details that are always a reflection your responsible attitude.  This is not a year to attempt to rest on your laurels.  You want to enjoy your work without giving an impression that you are reckless.  Opportunities will more than likely occur during February, March, May, July, and November.  Ask for a promotion, increase in pay, expand your business, or plan interviews on Thursdays or Fridays.




This is a good year to experience travel and social gatherings.  It is a good year to both entertain and be entertained.  Although you may not go on a world tour this year, the vibrations concerning travel do indicate foreign places.  Your excursions may be short, but they will be fun and exciting.  This is a year to express joy in your life.  Do it!  Make your plans to go somewhere in February, June, July, and November.




You can enjoy your life and the improvements you have made happen in it this year.  You may want a little help now and again.  If you are uncomfortable asking for it from another, why not use the vibrations you get from colors?  This year they are part of the red and gold families and include rose, ruby, amber and russet.
There is more to be learned from the energy of the Three, here is another excerpt:




The number Three is a single digit and can therefore be misleading. To the casual observer it stands alone.  Consequently it is important to remember that it is filled with both the masculine and feminine energies.  It creates from within itself the joy of union.  The differentiation process has evolved from the one, founded the separation of the atomic mass with the two, and in the Three those energies become reunited.  That is why it is known to be a joyous number.  The Three announces that the completion of the universe's chain of creation has taken place and the necessary receiving and sharing cycle is in effect.

          Being within some form—or other—limits energy's force.  The Three embodies the dynamic qualities that explain how energy both attracts and resists, is connecting as it also continues to be challenging.  The atomic movement of the energy is what makes for a transition. The mobilization of energy is in harmony for all of the forms of creation to come into being.  This energy is the universal womb and represents all of that generative power.  It personifies the idea of being passive, yet it isn't really because its action is to be ever receptive.  It is reproducing as it preserves the gift of life and form.  It is the completing number that receives the cosmic seed and transforms it into new forms of life and living.  It is the archetype of the female gender—not as sex, but as symbol—as it stimulates all humankind, both male and female, alike.

          You are required to recognize the penetrating male aspect of space and the receptive female aspect of time held within the laws of limitations that occur once your consciousness matures your thought seeds into some material form.

          This energy is symbolized as the Empress which refers to natural abundance.  It is tangible and it represents the first cause of life occurring in cycles.  The purpose of beginning, living, and returning to start the process over and over again amounts to the evolutionary process that gains something more from each rotation of the cyclic wheel.  The physical and material abundance of nature also enriches our Souls.  The number Three remains barren without an expanding force to fill it.  It is the visible manifestation of the unseen forces in the universe.  It is the fulfillment of that life-giving power in nature.  All the while that it is being fertile and creative, initiating growth, it must be remembered that it is still only the movement from one stage into another.  The awe and wonder of it all is felt in our hearts when we gaze at the fresh blossoms of springtime and the curling leaves that fall in autumn.  This energy is nature.  It does not judge.  It gives freely and it takes back without prejudice allowing for the full flow of the seasons and cycles of life.  All of the abundance is in place to allow for growth in our physical, mental, and emotional aspects.  It is compassionate and caring—even nurturing as long as the cycles are appreciated and accepted too.  Acceptance of each and every cycle is significant because they prevent inertia and stagnation.  Life is all about experiencing constant change for evolutionary growth.

          By refusing to accept changes that take you on to the next stage—being too content with the present—will only blind you to those exciting possibilities and potentials that are waiting just ahead.  Material possessions are not to be ends in themselves.  Allowing the flow that takes thing out and bring others in is part of nature's natural requirement.  Regular application of your effort is what brings about the productivity of the creative forces.  You must know there is a harvest.  That way you are able to wait for the right season to occur.

          When this life-lesson is complete there will be peace and harmony between the negative and positive aspects of the feminine personality.  You will no longer feel a need to be faithful or unfaithful, not care about being bold or timid and vacillating, and have no desire for power or to be weak.  You will be who you are, capable and creative, giving what you have without being overly concerned about the results.  You will know that mistakes are only helpers in the learning process.  Abundance is available.  Your purpose can be created out of the same abundance over and over again until the correct combination is finally put together in the form intended for the progression of your Soul.  What does your heart tell you to do?  Are you afraid of the abundance of ideas in your mind?  Do you fear selecting the wrong combination of thoughts again?  Are you staying in stagnation and clogging the follow of life's progression?  Are you concerned about being the ideal example to others?  Are you indulging your senses?  How do you affect others?  What do you teach them?  How are you affected?

          Enjoyment of your life is far more important than any desire you have for power, status, recognition, or even wealth.  Just remember that self-indulgence does not lead to a healthy Self.  When you choose to waste your time and energy in some frantic or meaningless activity it leads to personal frustration because of a lack or sense of direction.

           Under the energy of the Three you are idealistic and must therefore aim to learn both the high and the low truths.  That way you will not accept any evasive responses to your inquiries.  You can spot deceptions, lies, or distortion and dishonesty rather easily.  Knowing all of it leads you to life's real truths and prevents you from acquiring and then accepting some personal illusions that are untrue.  By its own nature the Three is a seeker of knowledge.  When that information is sought from within Self-nurturing occurs.  If necessary this life-lesson forces you to look within and allow exterior endings to occur without regret.  You are to know in your heart that it is time to let go and to hanging on to things no longer appropriate only causes unnecessary delays in the process of what is meant to be.

          Under this energy it is important that you travel the world.  You might only be able to accomplish it by being an armchair traveler, reading of other's adventures, none-the-less it is essential that you gain knowledge and the truth about everything.  You must know about countries, people, intellectual concepts, philosophies, and religions.  One of the main reasons is that you are not neutral in your attitude towards the religious beliefs taught early on if life.  You either accept them or reject them completely.

           A number of the natural physical exercises like sports, singing, and dancing are important to you.  So are the arts of acting and writing: verbal expressions of song, poetry, speech-making, and just talking with those you like and love.  You love nature; animals, plants, the oceans, mountains, and plains all hold their charms.  You understand there are laws in nature and you see them to be good.  Your beliefs about those laws demand that you learn at the highest levels.  You see, you have an unusual blend of natural philosophical wisdom and a frivolous nonsensical manner that might cause you to disregard your rightful responsibilities.  It is best to nurture some point of inspiration and allow it to mature into an appropriate expression of conscious knowledge and action. 

          You have a tendency to be blunt is your speech.  Being candid is your way of making the vague and mysterious better understood.  You consider duplicity and manipulation outrageous.  Your mission with the vibration of the Three is to help you and everyone else realize the power of cheerfulness that becomes inspirational.  You laugh so that others see and desire that they too have your joyous spirit.  Anyone who has lost or misplaced their joy of living needs for you to rekindle their spirit.  You can stimulate everyone's imagination, help them believe in friendship, and bring joy to you, them, and the entire world.

          Taking risks is part of this life-lesson.  That is not a hardship because you are optimistic and simply consider gambling a sport rather than seeing it as a serious risk.  What is a risk anyway?  You are popular, you are loved, and there is romance in everything you do.  As long as you have beauty, art, and feel inspired there will always be enough money to enjoy life.  Still, you are challenged under the energy of the Three to discipline your mind, body, and make efforts.  It is with discipline that you can easily express your ideas as you continue to develop your character and personality that all those others in your life feel is easy to be with and natural.

          Your garden of creative thought is ever abundant and flowering yet it must be pruned and fertilized to see its majesty develop into something lovely—less of a wilderness—to look at and enjoy.  How are you nurturing your own body?  Your mind?  Your emotions?  Are your creative projects growing?  Is there over-growth?  Or under-growth?  Who inspires you?  Whom do your inspire?             

          The energy of the Three understands all the forms of nature.  It condones the slow pace that preserves by being cyclic.  That does not prevent you from being decidedly ambitious.  You are simply not happy in some subordinate position.  You have every intention of rising in this world.  You plan to have control and authority over others.  And like mother-nature you do have excellent executive abilities and are also able to execute your given tasks.  Nature is disciplined.  There is a natural rhythm and order to it all.  You therefore, are willing to obey orders.  You also demand that your orders be obeyed.  You are excellent in positions of trust and responsibility as long as you accept the order as you see it.  If you do not agree with the rules and structure you will make the earth quake, the seas rise, and winds thrash until the problems, as you see them, be noticed.  And there lies the challenge.  You can be rather dictatorial in laying down your laws.  Even though you may not be overly quarrelsome, you can become so caught-up in your own ideas and ideals that the potency of your judgments is very much disliked—feared—by others. 

          The challenge is to find balance and harmony.  Using discipline and filtration of the creative energies that you turn into some type of formation, you bring forth your best from an abundance that might feel overwhelming.  Know that once crystallized your creations are limited.  It is by recognizing your own illusions and self-deceptions that you take control of your ideas that become your creations.  By allowing others to find their own way, without your interference, life flows into the correct streams.  Each of us is made full and then emptied by our Self in the constantly changing course of life. 

Don't forget there are many other numbers reviewed in this Chapter alone!

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