2015 Energies

Everything in the Universe—including people and their thoughts—is made up of shimmering waves of energy that creates cycles within cycles.  An Epicycle is a period of nine years.  The first year contains elements of new beginnings and each of the following years brings a different energy that promotes further growth.   

The millennium 2000, often called The Awakening or Judgment, proclaims the end of former thinking.  Past difficulties can be used to extract wisdom from those experiences because we know there is another—better—way to live.  2008 was the first year in the current Epicycle and being on The Wheel of Becoming started a crucial change in our conscious thinking.  In 2009, the energy was of Illumination, where people felt a strong urge to be more communicative with each other.  2010 took us forward into an energy that was rather complex and normally would be a number of Joy, but most of us only contemplated what we believe life needs to be like.  2011 led to Transformation since our consciousness let us become far more aware than ever before.  In 2012, we experienced a time when events and people mixed, fused, and made adjustments in life that altered and Tempered our strength and ability for changes to occur.  2013 was about being awakened to the Bondage we maintain in our reality so we could transform our lives.  That sense of being stuck caused us to ask the hard questions that let us seek real answers that could move us forward. Events led some to a great transformation, while those who resisted the vibrational pull, dealt with cross-purposes in the power dynamics.  In 2014, we looked back at what we intended to accomplish.  We wanted some things to change. When the false beliefs, that formed Citadels from old ways of thinking, were destroyed by lightening strikes of insight, we made some adjustments to our original plan, and worked towards bringing it into reality.

2015 is the 8th year of this, our current Epicycle.  It is the year that we gather in the harvest from the seeds planted and cultivated over the past 7 years.  We will see the results:  the creation, the movement, the achievements, the power, and the recognition.

In January we will stop being with others, or engaging in activities that have prevented our talents from being recognized in our public or private lives.   The month of February is for taking actions that help us get away from our dependence on people, places, and things we previously felt we had to have.  The energy in March reflects an increased knowledge and understanding about our relationships.  Overthinking could prevent real progress.  In April our urges to have fun and enjoy life might hamper the opportunities offered and available that would let us forge ahead.  The vibration in May demands our focus on the future because we must balance out our feelings of limitation about what having power really means.  In June we must guard against escaping from our true responsibilities, caused by our fears of taking risks, because actions taken can widen our horizons.  July is the month where we are urged to deal with domestic matters.  Thoughtful actions can improve harmony on the home front.  The energy in August indicates a major power surge.  Common courtesy is required since dominance and inflexible attitudes only confuses communication and disturbs relationships.  September is the most powerful month of this powerful year.  The vibration of the energy is to help establish a dramatic forward movement in business, finances, and all of our desired personal and public recognition.  In October the vibrations of next year begin to be felt: Our year of completing experiences that no longer hold significant value for our future.  This is the month to complete and safely leave interests that have been fully experienced.  It is time to decide whether or not the power of freedom outweighs the power of money and prestige.  The energy in November offers the potential for a new excitement about the future that is based on being released from a physical reality that chained us to the past.  The energy in December is filled with a heightened sensitivity to what we must leave in our past so a new approach to living can take place in our future.  Enlightenment, strong perceptions, and self-confidence vibrate from and around us.

The energy of 2015 intends for us to be Stars.  We do that by living up to our highest potential and recognizing any beliefs about money, prestige, and relationships that are unrealistic, stifling, and have kept us bound to immature idealistic visions of what life “should” be like that were gained from only using commercialized exterior views of living.

COPYRIGHT  Ó  2014 by May Sinclair

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