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Everything in the Universe—including people and their thoughts—is made up of shimmering waves of energy that creates cycles within cycles.  An Epicycle is a period of nine years.  The first year contains elements of new beginnings and each of the following years brings a different energy that promotes further growth.   

The millennium, 2000 is often called The Awakening or Judgment because it proclaims the end of some former thinking.  We now know there is another—better—way to live.  Past difficulties are to be used to extract wisdom from those experiences.  2008 was the first year in the current Epicycle and it is no surprise that we began to discover what it means to be on The Wheel of Becoming.  It indicates a crucial point in our conscious thinking.  In 2009 the energy was of Illumination where people felt a strong urge to be more communicative with each other.  2010 took us forward into an energy that was rather complex and normally would be a number of joy, but for most of us it emphasized that our conscious thoughts had evolved into another way of contemplating what life needs to be like.  2011 led into the area of transformation since our consciousness let us become far more aware than ever before.  In 2012 we experienced a time when events and people mixed, fused, and made adjustments in their lives to alter and strengthen the ability for changes to occur2013 was all about being awakened to reality so we could transform our lives.  That sense of being stuck caused us to ask the hard questions that let us seek real answers that would move us forward. We reaped what had already been sown, so at the crossroads of options events led some directly to a great transformation while those who resisted the vibrational pull dealt with cross purposes in the power dynamics.

2014 is the 7th year within our current Epicycle.  It is the year for us to look back at what we intended to accomplish during this cycle.  We wanted some thing and worked towards achieving it.  We may want to make some adjustments to the original plan, because this is the year to bring it into reality.

In January we are to make plans for the entire year, including work and business.  However, the focus needs to be on domestic responsibilities.  The month of February will continue with some emotional situation remaining from last year.  Yet events allow for some thing to be completed that has prevented the use of time for introspection that brings inner peace. The energy in March reflects a real beginning.  Changes occur that are indicative of a better understanding of what actually did take place in the past.  In April our new awareness shows the way to cooperate with others so peace and harmony continues.   The vibration in May intends that we express creativity and feel the joy of being alive.  In June we will initially feel restricted because life must be brought into balance.  Rigidity, obstinacy, or dogmatic attitudes only increase the sense of restriction.  July is the month for us to make decisions.  There will be several options, opportunities, and frustrations from the people, places, and things that both stimulate and distract.  It is imperative that we profit from past experiences, or experience them all over again.  The energy in August indicates that family and domestic responsibilities will likely interfere with efforts to grow in awareness.  No mater what the diversion, it is imperative that personal obligations be accepted rather than attempts made to escape from them.  September is a month of intense energy.  Its purpose is to make a leap in inner awareness.  It will be affected by how our fears about personal relationships are handled.  In October the vibrations of next year begin to be felt: Our year of personal power.  Practical use of knowledge that comes from intuitiveness will help us find solutions to conflicts between business opportunities and personal needs.  We become even more aware of what we truly want in life.  The energy in November indicates a new approach to how we feel about humanity.  Some business concerns have been completed or resolved, freeing up time to focus on what ever it is we would like to accomplish next year, the most powerful year of this Epicycle.  The strength of the energy in December truly shows, in earnest, what we can expect to experience next year.  The vibrations relate to combining some life elements together or making a complete change of living conditions that reflects a higher level of awareness as well as the necessity to have all of our material needs met.

The energy of 2014 intentionally slows down the pace.  Strange occurrences, activities, and people from the past show up.  All is in order to help determine who we are and what we desire to become.  We may be awakened to know how the dynamics of power can truly achieve peace.  But those who insist on remaining in towers made up of self-interest will see energy bolts flash that will assuredly demolish their citadels.

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